Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Monster Soup!

Monster Multiplication Game

Scenario:  We are cooking monsters today!!!  Some monsters have 1 eyes, others have 5 eyes, and there are even other crazy monsters.  We want to get as close to the number of eyes the recipe calls for as possible.

Do example of “1 eyed monsters” with students. Have one student up to the front to demonstrate with you.

Activity:  Roll two 10 sided dice.  Determine which roll you want, and that is the number of monsters you will add to the recipe.  Repeat 4 more times. (Total of 5 rolls of 2 dice, each time picking one of the 10-sided dice to represent the number of monsters you add to the pot)

Provide each student with a recording sheet and place them in the appropriate station to practice the fluency skill they need:

A possible progression could be: (Dr. Nicki Newton progression of multiplication)

  1. 1 eyed monsters - 30 eyes or 10 eyed monsters - 300 eyes or 5 eyed monsters - 150 eyes
  2. 2 eyed monsters - 60 eyes or 4 eyed monsters - 120 eyes  or 8 eyed monsters - 240 eye
  3. 3 eyed monsters - 90 eyes or 6 eyed monsters - 180 eyes or  9 eyed monsters - 270 eyes
  4. 7 eyed monsters - 210 eyes

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