Open ended Math Projects and Lessons

Due to popular demand I have created a "Table of Contents" for my Open ended Math Projects.  Below you will find the link, and which Math topic it could be used for.

Which one doesn't belong- Can be used at any level

Optimization with Madden 14 - Optimization

Speed trap from your classroom - Related Rates

Create a picture with mathematics - Integration

Cartesian Co-ordinate System - How to introduce the need of a system

Unit Plan on Permutations and Combinations - How to introduce Permutations and 5 lessons

Prime Numbers and Cicada - How to introduce Prime numbers

Mario Brothers - Calculus distance from a function to a point

Related Rates  Beaker Lab - Calculus Related Rates

Cut the Rope - Various Math applications

Angry Birds - Calculus, slope at a point

Kobe Bryant and Math - Calculus, integrals

Create the Problem - Calculus Application Assessment

Go-Fish and Math - simplifying Radicals

Assessment of Applications of Derivatives - Calculus Derivatives  Possible Solution

Differentiated Final Exam - Calculus and Pre Calc

Angry Birds - Calculus with Slope at a point

Match a curve to a picture - Quadratic Functions

Assessment of Derivatives - Calculus Derivatives

Assessment of Limits at a point -  Calculus Limits

Photo Reduction - Geometric Sequences

Slope at a point while driving - Intro to Calculus

Justice System - Integration Solution here

Speeding Problem - Integration

Driving and Deriving - Derivatives

Lotto 649 - Probability

Open ended Project on Integration

Calculus Trigonometry project

Vectors Project (Math 30 Applied)

Finance Project

Twitter for Math Nerds - Normal Curve and exponential Regressions

Glogging in Math Class - Information

Graphing a Function - Calculus

Multimedia Projects - General

Twitter in Math Class - General

Facebook in Math Class - General

Post it Notes and Flip Cams - Standard Curve

Pythagorean Theorem

Prime and Composite Numbers

Feel free to use, comment, criticize, adapt, change, tweak, etc, as you see fit.