Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Possible solution to DA of Applications of Derivatives

Instead of a multiple choice, numerical response and a written response exam on "Applications of Derivatives", I gave my students an open-ended assessment.

Here is one of my student's work. As you can see, students still can demonstrate knowledge and understanding without shading in "c" on a scantron sheet.

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  1. but isn't the math the same? a wowzer presentation is great for extra ummph in media class, but this student took a 5 minute problem and stretched it way long, made it fancy, and obscured the math. reminds me of some politicians i know. don't get me wrong, kudos to the kid, but lauding this as a better way to judge math knowledge just strikes me as a little odd. and i know no one says it is better except the administrators who love this kind of thing. a math teacher would say, yeah, so what? okay, start slinging away at me, but there's got to be a part of you that agrees. let me have it.