Friday, October 14, 2011

Angry Birds and Calculus

During my first unit, instead of assessing with a traditional exam I used an open ended project.  One of my students submitted the following video to answer question 3:

As you can see, he used a timer on his phone, a ruler and the game Angry Birds.  Here is his work


  1. I am also attempting to provide an alternative to traditional written exams in my literature 12 class. One of my biggest obstacles at the moment is the time frame. Do you give the students working on the open based projects the same amount of time as those writing the exam? Did the student who created that awesome Angry Birds example create the problem at school during a timed setting? Creative and open ended solutions usually take more time than a written response. If you have some students opting for a traditional test and others choosing options such as the one above then how do you implement that set up into your classroom? This is what I am attempting to do in my class and I'm very interested in how things work for you. Great job by the way!

  2. What a great example of using something in REAL LIFE to teach a mathematical process. Math is really all around us. The more we can help students see this, the better problem solvers they will become. Authenticity is the key.

    Providing choice in explaining their understanding is also great way to build in authenticity and creativity!

    I wrote two posts on Angry Birds you may be interested in.


  3. wow its amazingg..mathematic in game..inpiring me :)