Friday, May 20, 2011

Twitter for Math Nerds

I took a video from Josh Sundquist, and edited out some information.  This should allow math teachers to use it in their classrooms as they see fit.  FEEL FREE TO TAKE AND USE!

Here is the video:

Here are some questions you can use:

Twitter for Math Nerds:
1.      Determine the amount of whale fails in one year.

2.      Determine:
a.       The amount of followers Lady GaGa will have in 5 years.

b.      Which year the entire world will be following Lady GAGA.

3.      As of May 19th, 2011, here is a list of certain people and the number of followers

Lady Gaga
Johnny Depp
Justin Bieber

Determine the mean and standard deviation of people following the celebrities.

4.      Determine:
a.       The standard deviation of the normal curve in the video

b.      Determine the z-score of a tweet reply which is “creepy”.

c.       Determine the probability of a person replying longer than 19 hours.

d.      Mr. Martin, on average, sends out 300 tweets a month.  Determine the number of tweets he would receive a reply to in under 6 hours.

e.       Determine the 95% confidence interval for the twitter curve.

Also, here is a link to the real video


  1. This is great! The information that appears at 22 seconds should also be edited out before it is shown to a class. That could be bad...they will not overlook that. The math stuff is good though.

  2. Oh good call!! thanks

  3. 1. Is the number of whale fails the same for everyone? How can we account for inactive or occasional users?

    2. Is it reasonable to assume that Lady GaGa's followers will increase at the same rate for the next five years?

    3. Is it reasonable to calculate the mean and standard deviation for this data set, given that the values span several orders of magnitude?

    4. Is the distribution of reply times really approximately normal? How could we test this hypothesis?

  4. 5. Josh Sundquist states that the bar representing 5 billion Fail Whales would be 68,000 miles high if drawn to scale. Do you agree with his calculation?

  5. David blog high five!!!!!! Thanks!

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