Friday, November 28, 2014

Teachers; more than "teach"ers

Julie changes one student every day as he is mentally unable to change himself.  She has to wipe, clean, undress and dress this student every single day.

Jason, after school, coaches 15 boys basketball.  He has to plan drills, prepare his students both mentally and physically for the next game, book hotels and busses, and ensure each player is caught up in all classes.

Lindsey listened in silence as her student confessed that one night she drank too much and danced naked in front of other students.  After calling a counselor and organizing a third party psychologist to come in, Lindsey watched for days as this student dealt with turmoil, bullying, and public ridicule.  Through various supports, which Lindsey organized, this student over came this incidence and regained her mental health.

Chris wakes up every morning at 5 am to ensure he is at school to drive the cross-country running team on the bus.  Being one of the few teachers who have a bus license, he is called to drive the team to and from the track every morning.  While they train, Chris sits, enjoys a book, listens, and waits for the coach, whom is another teacher, to finish the daily training so he can drive the students back.

Brenda spent her Saturday on the phone with local RCMP discussing the mental health of a suicidal student.  She then drove to the hospital to sit with the student, as his family abandoned him and Brenda was the closest person he had left.  Only knowing the student for 3 months, she had very little information to give to the RCMP however the time she spent with him on Saturday may be the only reason he is alive today.

Carol has students who arrive to school starving.  Knowing that it is hard to focus when your stomach is louder than the people around you, she cooks a simple breakfast in her classroom every morning.  Usually coming out of her own pocket, she shops once a week to buy bagels, bread, eggs, fruit, and other simple breakfast items. 

The root word of teacher may be “teach” however this word represents only a part of the day of a teacher.   Teachers do teach, as well as act as parents, friends, shoulders, counselors, emergency contacts, cooks, bus drivers, coaches, and most importantly non-judgmental people.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

TV around a corner

What is the largest TV that could fit around a corner in your house?

This was the question we answered in my calculus class.

First I showed this applet and had students play with it

Next I asked what do we need to know?

Students asked for the width of the hallways which are 0.8 m and 0.9 m wide.

Next we realized that actually to determine the largest TV we actually need to MINIMIZE the length of the line.  As the smallest line will be the line that can fit around the entire corner.

Calling the, angle between the TV and the 0.8 m wall, theta you get the equation of the TV length at any angle to be

Next taking the derivative, and solving for when it equals 0, gives us

Substituting this back into the equation gives us a TV (or any rigid object) with a length of 2.4 m or 94.45 in across.  

We then did have a discussion around what assumptions are we making?  Some are...
  • The TV has no depth at all
  • The TV will scrap across the wall
  • The TV is out of the box