Monday, September 10, 2012

Perms and Combs Lesson 5

Intro:  **I will now start to mix Perms and Combs together**

The options at Harvey's are:
Tomatoes, lettuce, pickels, hot peppers, onions, ketchup and mustard.  Determine how many different burgers are possible.

In University, some professors allow for choices on their exams.  One specific professor gave 5 questions in Part A, and 4 questions in Part B.  She required the class to complete 2 questions from each part.  Determine the number of arrangements possible. 

On the secon exam, the professor allowed for bonus marks and gave 3 questions in each part, and asked the students to do a minimum of 2 questions in each part.  Determine the number of arrangements.

In the class there were 28 people, 15 men and 13 women.  If the professor wanted to choose a president and vice president from both the men and women, determine the number of arrangements possible. 

Lastly, out of the whole class, up to 3 had to be selected to be on the Dean's survey group.  Determine the number of possible arrangements.

Body:  Algebra with Combinations:

1) Solve for n:

b) 720(nC5)=n+1P5

2) Explain why 8C3 = 8C5.

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