Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Are you beautiful mathematically?

A great to introduce slope, or a just a cool way to link beauty to math...

1) Get students in groups of 3 or 4 and provide them with a ruler stick, and ensure each group has some way of accessing a google doc.

2) Create and share the google doc that has the following tables for students to input data.

Distance from outside edge of eye to center of nose vs Distance from inside edge of eye to nose
Length of forearm vs Length of Hand

Length from Head to end of fingers standing straight vs total height

3) Have students measure the various measurements and write in the google doc their results.

4) Ask the following questions (change depending on grade level)
-Determine the slope of the 4 sets of data.
-Draw any conclusions you may have.
-Can you think of anything else that may have this relationship?
-Research the number Phi
-Prepare a "cool thing" about this number and be prepared to share with the class.

5) You could even have students calculate their beauty number-How close their own measurements are to the golden ratio.

Here is a pic showing just how the Golden Ratio makes a face look more beautiful


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