Monday, March 16, 2015

Math Midterm

Here is a copy of my Math 31 Midterm.  I am trying to get students to self-assess their own learning and ultimately grade themselves.

Students will receive the grade they chose, provided their explanation is supported with evidence.

Math 31 Midterm

This is due _________.  You are to do this individually, but feel free to converse, discuss and collaborate on this assignment.

You are to create a “Google Slides” presentation, and self-assess your own learning. 
Next, you are to assess your knowledge of the following outcomes

  • Determining f(x)>0
  • Limits
  •  Left and Right Limits
  • Continuous vs Discontinuous
  •  1st Principles
  •  Simple Derivatives
  •  Derivative Rules

Each outcome should take between 1-3 slides, and complete the following:
  • Describe your knowledge of this outcome.  (“I have mastered this outcome fully” or “I understand most of this but I struggle when it comes to…”)
  • Give a short description to demonstrate your understanding of the outcome “When you are doing this you…”)
  •  Give an example of you demonstrating this outcome (Here is a question and my solution).  May be something you created before, just can’t be a class example.

On your last slide you are to give yourself a percentage mark based on your understanding of the course so far.

When finished…

Click the blue “SHARE”,  then click “Shareable Link”, then click the drop down menu and change it to “ON- Anyone with this link”, then click “SAVE”.  Lastly, click “COPY LINK”.  Fill in the form below.


  1. Ok Dave, I am going to ask... what about cheating?
    I love the idea of self-assessing; I am going to assume that you have had the discussion with the kids about all of this, but I am playing the devil's advocate and just wondering how you dealt with this issue.

  2. Since each student was developing their own presentation to cheat would be essentially plagiarism of either another student or a website. With the latter, it is easy to determine as the language is drastically different than used in class. For the former, I never saw this. During the assignment I had students collaborate and ultimately create their own problems and solutions. Using Sir Ken Robinson's line "What we call collaboration in the real world we call cheating in schools."

    Lastly, worst case scenario, I simply sat with the student and asked him/her questions. More of an interview at this point. Hope that helps.