Thursday, January 6, 2011

What is right first, follow second.

Last month I was talking a friend of mine who informed me that she is upset about a certain rule at her work.  I asked her if she follows the rule.  “Not a chance”, was her response.  My next question was if her manager knows about her not following the rule; her response was the same.  She then also informed me that she never understood the rule in the first place, and was scared to ask where the rule came from.

I have had this similar conversation, throughout my life with multiple people.  Workers who constantly ask “why”, or who critically think, are seen as insubordinates or people who “stir the pot”.  Is it wrong to respectfully ask "why"? I say no! No longer should humans allow reasons such as "because I said so" or "that is what I told to you do" and start asking for the real rationale.

Why do we, as humans, follow rules that are told to us, but feel wrong to follow? We need to understand that making a stand will make a larger difference than following the group. We forget to ask “What if the leader, or rule, is wrong?".

We are humans, not lemmings and let's start showing the difference.  As humans let's start to fight for what is right and not what is being followed or told to us.

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