Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Engaging activity at my school

Today I am honoured to have Jennifer Kofin as a guest blogger.  She is a second year teacher, who teaches ESL, at my school.  After trying to get away from the traditional fill-in-the-blanks worksheets, she has created an amazing and engaging activity.  The students were not marked or graded, however still assessed and in a non-traditional way.  Here is her story:

One of the topics that we were covering in ESL one day was prepositions. I went over the various prepositions that I wanted the students to learn giving them specific examples. I wanted them to practice using these prepositions through sentences but wanted to avoid the typical worksheet format. So one of my esteemed colleagues suggested that I use the Smart board and two interactive dice. On one die I put the preposition and on the other I had the students brainstorm different verbs that we could use. Students were then given the opportunity to come up to the Smart board and hit each of the dies and create a sentence. This task was done verbally and the students did really well! My students really enjoyed this activity and I was able to assess their understanding of the prepositions and verbs without using pen and paper.

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