Tuesday, February 22, 2011

What kind of teacher are you?


  1. You ask some tough questions. There are systemic pressures that would allow many teachers to justify answers that you and I might not think much of... And yet, deep down, I would suggest that all teachers know which answers will lead us to a preferred future.

  2. If you want an honest answer I have one for you. I am a teacher who is looking for job security, I want to feel secure and trusted in my classroom, where my principals and parents know I am doing the best to help facilitate the learning of the students in that environment. I am a teacher who could sometimes care too much about the success of my students because sometimes I get lost in the world of marks. I am a teacher who is finding my footing and my passion that led me to enter into this field in the first place. I want to engage children, not beat them down, I want to have dialogues with my students not monologues.
    I am a teacher who is seeking balance, but feels a great pressure to conform to the restraints of the people in charge because my job is not secure.
    I am a teacher that questions learning, not my students because I trust that they are learning in my classroom, but why concepts need to be learned. I question tests and their validity, because what are they really showing?
    In my classroom I am always imparting knowledge and learning new ideas and I hope my students are doing the same.
    I didn't watch your video, but I gave you a raw answer to a raw question. So what kind of teacher are you? And what kind of teacher do you want to be?