Monday, February 7, 2011

Talking about instrinsic Motivation

Wanted to give a heads up to all central alberta teachers that I am holding a session at our teacher's convention. 

Title: Intrinsic Motivation in High School Math
Room: 2707 at Notre Dame High school
Time: Friday 1:30-3:00

Using high school math concepts, I will demonstrate how we can start creating an instrinsic motivated classroom.  I would like to invite people from all disciplines and grade levels to discuss the current issues of motivation with me.  Research I will focus on is from Daniel Pink, Barry Schwartz, Alfie Kohn, and Douglas Reeves.   I will be addressing the issues I talk about on this blog, and also discussing solutions to these issues that can be used in any classroom regardless of grade of subject area.


  1. This is so very important. Without using internal motivation, we really don't have much. We certainly don't have what we think we have.

  2. Can you share your content for those of us who can't make the event? This is important stuff.