Thursday, February 24, 2011

Video compiling ideas about motivation

Here is the video I started my intrinsic motivation presentation with. 


  1. I love your work and just subscribed to your blog. After following events in the Middle East and Africa lately, I am eager to see how our education revolution progresses. Perhaps it will be even more exciting as more and more of us get connected.
    Best regards,
    RJ Johnson

  2. I am not sure what Africa or the Middle East has in common with this, except for the extremism.

    Could it be David, that you simply haven't taught the right class? I mean, traditional methods and grading haven't failed, as you suggest, universally in every school. In fact, virtually all of the authenticated success thus far is via traditional methods, which makes your implicit suggestions that there is something wrong with grading false.

    As a rule of thumb, any theory that ignores all success with current theories is usually not worth the time to study. This would be like Einstein starting off refuting Newton completely. That didn't happen because you can't refute what is already true, you can only extend it. But here you refute with wanton disregard. If your ideas about grading had a smidgen of truth then they must also explain the success as we know it. Otherwise you are just inventing an unreality based on something far removed from successful learning.