Classroom Activities

Rich Mathematical Tasks

Open Ended Questions - Below are sites which showcase great ways to ask open ended questions.
Problem of the month - Not all questions align with our curriculum; ensure the program of studies is followed.
180 days of Estimation-180 different pictures, which uses referents and estimation skills.
101 Questions based on pictures and video - Shows images/videos and asks "Any Questions". Has a top 10. Uses the idea of "Math as a 3 act play".
Would you rather math - Students have to pick from two choices and defend their choice.
Which one doesn't belong - Students have to decide which of the items is not like the others.
Fraction Talks
Question Stems - POSTER
Inquiry Math
Open Middle - Great questions for Middle School
Eyes on Math Visuals
Notice and Wonder - Many visuals you can show and simply say "What do you notice? What do you wonder?"
K- 8 Math lessons - Math Solutions Lessons

Bundles of Rich Math Tasks

Rich Mathematical Tasks
Middle School Rich Math Tasks
Elementary Rich Math Tasks

3 Act Math , Dan MeyerGraham Fletcher

Number Talks

Number Talks - Getting your students talking in class.
Specific examples of Number Talks K-5.
Number string
Book Study
Dot Cards Game - Dots Fingers Game
Dot Cards
More dot cards
Cube Conversations
Cube Carving Template
Unit Chats
Dice Chats

ANIE - Assessment of Numeracy in Education. A guide is found here on how to use the ANIE

Other resources:

Problems worth solving - 541 math problems worth solving made by Albertan Teachers
Youcubed - Jo Boaler's site, that has multiple open ended tasks and questions.
VisualPatterns - Site that shows various patterns and asks for a specific pattern number.
NCTM Illuminations - Interactive applets and lessons
Graph of the week - graphs to discuss in class.
Numeracy Tasks - From Peter Liljedahl. Many of these tasks were co-constructed with, and piloted by, teachers from Coquitlam (sd43), Prince George (sd57), and Kelowna (sd23). The tasks are listed individually as word documents so that they can be downloaded and altered to suit your specific context.
Break out Boxes - Using the idea of the "Escape Room" in your class. K - 12
Breakout EDU
Digital Break out boxes
How to set the locks:
Directional Lock --- BE CAREFUL!!!!
5 Letter Lock
4 digit lock
3 digit lockbox
Get the Math - Algebra in Math
Patterning - Talk about Patterns and Algebra
Mashup Math
Khan Academy Math
Wolfram Alpha
"Mobile" problems - problems that use a mobile to determine balance
Weekly Math Tasks - Weekly Math Tasks
Graphing stories
Counting circles
Bovine Math - Cows, cows, and more cows
Menu Tasks - Students must create equations, numbers, graphs, and more, based on certain criteria.
Julia Robinson Math Festival - Puzzle books and great mathematical problems.

Math Puzzles/Games

Skyscrapers - Can you find out which skyscraper is where? You have a grid of squares, all of which contain a skyscraper of various sizes. Around the grid are clues telling you how many skyscrapers you can see from that position.
Logic Mazes - Mazes but with a twist!
How close to 200 - A battle multiplication game
Math Adventures
BrainBashers - Collections of Brain teasers, puzzles, riddles and optical illusions.
ThinkFun - Strategy games
Puzzle Baron - Puzzle activities

Math 31 - Outcome Based

Open ended Math Projects and Lessons

Which one doesn't belong- Can be used at any level

Optimization with Madden 14 - Optimization

Speed trap from your classroom - Related Rates

Create a picture with mathematics - Integration

Cartesian Co-ordinate System - How to introduce the need of a system

Unit Plan on Permutations and Combinations - How to introduce Permutations and 5 lessons

Prime Numbers and Cicada - How to introduce Prime numbers

Mario Brothers - Calculus distance from a function to a point

Related Rates  Beaker Lab - Calculus Related Rates

Cut the Rope - Various Math applications

Angry Birds - Calculus, slope at a point

Kobe Bryant and Math - Calculus, integrals

Create the Problem - Calculus Application Assessment

Go-Fish and Math - simplifying Radicals

Assessment of Applications of Derivatives - Calculus Derivatives  Possible Solution

Differentiated Final Exam - Calculus and Pre Calc

Angry Birds - Calculus with Slope at a point

Match a curve to a picture - Quadratic Functions

Assessment of Derivatives - Calculus Derivatives

Assessment of Limits at a point -  Calculus Limits

Photo Reduction - Geometric Sequences

Slope at a point while driving - Intro to Calculus

Justice System - Integration Solution here

Speeding Problem - Integration

Driving and Deriving - Derivatives

Lotto 649 - Probability

Open ended Project on Integration

Calculus Trigonometry project

Vectors Project (Math 30 Applied)

Finance Project

Twitter for Math Nerds - Normal Curve and exponential Regressions

Glogging in Math Class - Information

Graphing a Function - Calculus

Multimedia Projects - General

Twitter in Math Class - General

Facebook in Math Class - General

Post it Notes and Flip Cams - Standard Curve

Pythagorean Theorem

Prime and Composite Numbers

Feel free to use, comment, criticize, adapt, change, tweak, etc, as you see fit.


The following activities, tasks, and lessons may or may not have been developed by an employee of Red Deer Catholic. Our sources include, but not limited to,
Teachers from RDCRS.
Teachers outside RDCRS
Jo Boaler
Marian Small
Sandi Berg
Dan Meyer
Peter Liljedahl
Alicia Burdess
Christina Tondevold
Dan Finkel
Dr. Nicki Newton - blog
Marilyn Burns