Friday, March 4, 2011

Support from Jon Stewart

It is nice to know that teachers do have the support from some, and one of these people is Jon Stewart!
If you are interested I am quoting his February 28th show and the link by clicking here.
Jon Stewart asked where the money is going to come from in Wisconsin.  Here are the quotes from other news anchors:
“Teachers know that kids are going to be in the seats and the taxpayers will just be sending in the money no matter how poorly they do, so they have no incentive to do a good job”
“The average salary of a teacher in Wisconsin is $51 000 the benefits of that package are $25 000 we are talking an average of $76 000 a year”
Jon then replies with “Average…..#$%%#”
Other news anchors claim that our job is part-time, and one news anchor even remembers going shopping with his mom, who supposedly was a teacher, every day at 3:00.
Jon’s response “Maybe your mom was a $#%#$ teacher”
I truly can say that teaching is the most rewarding job in the world.  The money, vacations, prep time, lunch hours, are not what motivates me to teach but the look on a student’s face when they have truly learned a new idea.  For those who have children of their own can relate to this, remember the first look on your child’s face when they took their first step.  The cheers that must have up roared in your house when your child did not fall back down must have been amazing.
This is my reality, but on a daily basis!  I cheer, applaud, and congratulate students daily on their first steps into concepts they never thought about.

Most don’t teach because of the rewards the public sees, but because of the rewards that only the ones in the classroom get to experience.

The public, sometimes, forgets how special it felt to them when they discovered something in a classroom that they could truly call their own.

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