Thursday, March 3, 2011

Questions only challenge!

When does a learner stop learning and become a teacher?
Educators need to realize that the answer to this question is never.  I have wrote about learned helplessness here, and after watching this video it made me think more of what actually is learned helplessness.

Recently, I had a student tell me "Whenever I ask a question to you, Mr. Martin, you never give me a straight answer but instead ask something back at me".  Even though she did not express frustration, I could sense that she was frustrated.

When we give students all the information needed, in the order they need it, we are not doing anything but teaching students how to regurgitate information correctly.

I challenge educators to, for one day, do not provide ANY information to students but to only ask questions.  This will be difficult at first, and students will be frustrated, but I believe the product of this day will be magnificent.  Without any answers given, students will truly move from "student" to the "learner" or "discoverer".

Click here for how you can provide no numbers to a math student, and still have them solve a problem.

If you are willing to rise up to this challenge, please share your experience by either posting on your blog, talking with your staff, or emailing myself and I will compile the stories for all to read.

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