Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Call of Duty and Vectors

I have shown how Call of Duty can be used in Calculus, and here is how it could be used in Vectors.

A student found this video and she demonstrated her knowledge of vectors:

 Playing capture the flag, Johnny was camping at a bearing of [043º] and noticed an enemy 52m away running towards Johnny’s flag approx, only 27m away from the flag. What degree does Johnny have to turn to shoot the enemy when he reaches the flag and what is the magnitude of the shot?
Vector one = 52m @ [043º] Vector two = 27m @ [134º]   
90-43 = [047º]
134-90 = [044º]
47+44 = 91 = 180 – 91 = [089º]
52^2+27^2-2(52)(27)Cos89 = 58.2
The magnitude of the bullet is going to be 58.2fm.
58.2/Sin 89 = 27/Sin(y)
Sin(89)*27/58.2 = [028º]
johnny is going to have to turn 28º.  

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