Monday, April 11, 2011

Are you teachable?

Lolly Daskal is from New York city, and she also has a blog.  Recently, she had the following message, a message which made myself think. 

Are you seeking? Are you curious?

What most of us don’t understand that if we are seeking, we are questioning and if we are questioning we are learning, if we are learning we are teachable, and  if we are teachable we are growing.

But lets be honest most of us are stuck and we are spinning in circles and we need help.

The wisest among us seeks to be taught.

The wisest among us seeks counsel

The wisest among us is always teachable.

The wisest among is always learning

The wisest among us is listening.

This world needs more people who can be role models and leaders.

What we want is for more people to be teachable.

Lead From Within: Have the awareness and attitude that everyone and everything you see, feel, do and meet has something to teach you. Approach your life as you are always teachable. Because the ones that are seeking to be taught are the ones that are innovating and influencing,


  1. How do we lead students to a desire to be teachable?

  2. I would hope they are involved in all aspects of the course. From assessment to instruction. Keep the dialogue open with them and frequent.

    Also, allow for debate, discussion and your students to challenge you respectfully. "Why?" should be a question that is praised not reprimanded.