Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Makeover first, passion second

Today I thought I would blog about something that can relate to not just educators; Passion. Most people would put their top three priorities as their family, job, and religion (or belief system about life). Looking back a couple years ago, I would have put socializing as number one. Recently I have changed.

I can truly say I love my job and have passion for doing the best I can do. After reading many educational research papers and blogs, my pedagogy has started to change.  No longer do I have classes which spectate, but are actively involved in their own learning.  This new way of teaching, however, has not been the easiest change. 

My time spent on work has increased drastically since this change; however I do not see this as a drawback.  Sometimes in life you must do something, or change, because that is what you are drawn to do and not because that is the logical decision. 

My students, overall, are now learning more and actually understanding math.  This result has inspired even more desire to grow as an educator.  This is why I started blogging in the beginning.  Everyone, educators alike, need to be aware of their passion and enthusiasm for their environment and if things are lacking, a change will most likely need to be made.  The change for me was a “teaching makeover”, but in the end it has created more passion than I have ever felt before.

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