Monday, May 16, 2011

Emailing and sharing

Here is another example of the power of sharing through a blog, twitter, or any technological device.

I have spoken before about why I blog and tweet, however this weekend something very cool happened to me. 

I received the following email, in response to my Calculus and the Justice System.

Good morning David,

This is very informational to me. We experienced the same thing when we went to Miami for vacation this spring (April 26). from Florida turnpike, merging to 95 north. We were clocked 83mph on a 65mph zone about 30 seconds from the merging point. Our GPS and car's speed when the police sirened was about 69mph. I did NOT feel we went over 80mph. Is it possible to have 83mph from the point we merged (speed about 35 mph) to the point we were sirened by the officer - speed about 69mph; distance between merge point to sirened point is 1/4 mi and time is about 30 seconds?

I was driving a Chevy Tahoe, 2006; 2 wheel drive; it probably went max of 3RPM; I am not sure the max acceleration rate, maybe we went 73 mph in 1 or 2 seconds.
 Your opinion/ mathematical reasoning is highly appreciated. 

This problem will now become my new introduction to integration in my class. 

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